Established in 2014, in Romania, we are an engineering company dedicated to creating custom software.

Our strength is not in numbers but in our expertise and engagement. Whether mobile applications used by millions or life-critical embedded software or advanced research prototypes our attention to detail is second to none. We care deeply about the fundamentals like maintainability, reliability and performance. We do not promise the illusion of perfect software. Instead, we promise to never cut corners.

We have extensive experience in areas like Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Mapping, AI with Deep Learning, Embedded Software and Mobile Apps.

Dan Banica
Worked on advanced computer vision topics for Adobe and the "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics in Bucharest, Romania. Extensive experience in deep learning for computer vision.

Ciprian Cudalbu
Various technical management roles at SMI Vision, Gate5, Nokia HERE in Berlin, Germany. Overseeing, architecting and developing complex software for over 18 years.